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Minnesota Hunger Initiative

The Minnesota Hunger Initiative is a group of leaders with a common mission: to increase the effectiveness of the hunger relief system throughout Minnesota through collaboration. In 2006 the Greater Twin Cities United Way convened a representative group of hunger relief agencies that worked together to develop a plan to address the problem of hunger with agreed upon strategies and measurements to track progress. This plan was introduced to the public in November 2007 as the Twin Cities Hunger Initiative and the group has worked to implement this plan since that time with increased participation and a broadening of goals and impacts. Members of the Minnesota Hunger Initiative include hunger relief organizations (e.g., food shelves, meal programs and food banks, advocates), University of Minnesota, state government, corporations and faith based organizations with additional corporate and other members engaged in specific efforts as partners. The Hunger Initiative steering committee has developed recommendations that included increasing enrollment of federal nutrition programs; acquiring new nutritious food, and increasing the capacity of food shelves, meal programs, nonprofit organizations and others to serve those in need throughout the state. The recommendations included a challenge to the greater community to unite in support of the goal to eliminate hunger.

For more information on Minnesota Hunger Initiative and how to get involved click here.



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