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Longtime Friend And Chef, Shin Tsujimura

Taste of the NFL is remembering Chef Shin Tsujimura, who represented Nobu and the New York Jets at the Taste of the NFL’s Super Bowl party for the past 15 years. Chef Tsujimura died suddenly on Sunday, November 17.

One of the kindest—and funniest--members of the Taste of the NFL “family”, we will miss his huge smile and his even bigger personality. “Shin was a truly talented chef and so smart,” said Gena Berry, Taste of the NFL Chef Coordinator. “He was a patient teacher and always took time to mentor the culinary students serving as volunteers.”

It was a family affair as his daughter, Hannaka, also volunteered her time along with her father and assisted many other Taste chefs at their stations.

Shin made many friends during his 15 years with Taste of the NFL and there isn’t enough room on the page to share all of the wonderful stories everyone has to share about their friend.

“I remember having Shin and his family over for their first real American Thanksgiving dinner,” said Michael Stewart, owner of Tavern on Jane and Shin’s “sous chef” every year at Taste of the NFL. “The next year, his children wanted him to try his hand at making a turkey. He must have called me 100 times that day to make sure he got it just right!”

Coming into New York for the 2014 Super Bowl will be all the more special as every Taste chef and player will carry the memory of Shin with them as the work to raise money and awareness for those struggling with hunger. Shin would be very proud.

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