Summer Can Mean Hungry Children
  • Judith Kostroski

Summer Can Mean Hungry Children

For the fortunate, summer equals the beach, tanning and lounging around – an escape from reality. But, for all too many kids across the country, summer means hunger. As schools close, so do the cafeterias that serve these kids low-cost meals, and instead of laughter, the all-too-common noise is the grumbling of a child’s stomach. While many may forget, hunger is a year-round problem and one that needs our constant attention.

To donate to you local food bank, click here. While the official Kick Hunger Challenge “competition” doesn’t start until football season, the chance to donate never stops. Neither does hunger. So, while you enjoy your summer, please remember the children who can’t – they count on your support!

#Summer #KickHungerChallenge


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