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Chef Spotlight: Gaines Dobbins Of Eureka Restaurant

This week Taste of the NFL salutes the two chefs representing the teams in the Super Bowl. Chef Gaines Dobbins of Eureka Restaurant and Lounge in San Francisco will be stationed alongside NFL Pro Hall of Fame Player David Wilcox at the 49ers station. Born in the Mississippi Delta, Chef Dobbins is set to return to his Southern roots for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans! Tell us about Eureka. Eureka is a small neighborhood restaurant in the Castro district of San Francisco. We feature many Southern inspired dishes, but take advantage of all the great ingredients California affords us. Great food, great drinks and lots of fun. This is your second year with Taste of the NFL, right? What were some highlights from last year? Yes. Meeting Tory McPhail of Commander's Palace was a highlight for me as that was my first restaurant job 34 years ago. Also, talking to Bill Ard and getting to see my old buddy, Mark Haugen What are you looking forward to about New Orleans? Getting to go back to my second most favored city in the world What will be you be serving at this year’s Party with a Purpose? Certified Piedmontese smoked and braised, boneless short ribs with rainbow coleslaw and Sharron's ( my wife ) barbeque sauce Where will you be on game day to watch the 49ers take on the Ravens? In all honesty, I'll probably be walking around New Orleans with my wife. We were married and lived in New Orleans. What is your favorite game day dish? Anything somebody else cooks!

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