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Chef Spotlight: Mike Andrzejewski, Seabar Buffalo Bills

Taste of the NFL is excited to announce that Mike Andrzejewski of Seabar joins our roster of all-star chefs for the 2013 Party with a Purpose® and will be paired with Andre Reed to represent the Buffalo Bills. Seabar is a contemporary and upscale sushi bar that has become one of Buffalo’s most popular and exciting places to dine, featuring a big influence of global flavors and great atmosphere. Andrzejewski also owns Cantina Loco with partner Kyle Mackewicz, and Mike A at Hotel Lafayette. Mike’s involvement in many local events, charities and educational activities reinforce a commitment to his Buffalo area roots and home. We recently talked with him about his new role with Taste of the NFL. Q: How did you get involved with Taste of the NFL? What made you decide to participate? A: I was involved with Taste of the Nation for several years doing events in the Buffalo Area, and I have attended The Taste of The NFL once before in Los Angeles. It was a really great event, and I was very happy to be asked to return. Q: What are you looking forward to about New Orleans? A: One of the things I look forward to when visiting the City of New Orleans is to witness firsthand the resiliency of the city after its hardships, and of course the interaction and camaraderie with other restaurant people. (When Katrina hit I was in the hospital for two months recovering from a very bad motorcycle accident, I was watching news coverage unfold 24/7 for weeks.) The return of the city's fortunes and seeing it for the first time since really intrigues me. Q: Any ideas on what you will make this year at the event? A: Preparing food for this event, we are going to do a tribute to the classic Buffalo Sandwich—Beef on Kummelwick—a great roast beef sandwich served on a German roll with tangy horseradish that we have interpreted as a sushi roll! It has become a top seller at our restaurant, and truly is more than "the sum of its parts." In addition we are going to pair it with a contemporary bite of sashimi, emphasizing the direction our seafood restaurant is going. Q: Why should guests be sure to come to your station? A: We think the guests should definitely make a stop at our table and grab some tasty and unique food, find out a little more about Buffalo, and visit with our player rep, Andre Reed—this guy has caught touchdowns in SUPERBOWLS!!! And he's really fun. Q: Do you have a favorite game day dish? A: My personal game day dish is junk food: chips and dip, tortillas and salsa, spray cheese, of course with pizza for an entree.

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