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Player Spotlight: Steve Grogan, New England Patriots

Steve Grogan was drafted in the fifth round (116th overall) of the 1975 NFL draft by the New England Patriots. He remained with the Patriots for his entire NFL career, 16 seasons, and is still ranked as the third best quarterback in franchise history in passing yards and passing touchdowns. This is his first year representing the Patriots for the Taste of the NFL and he will be appearing alongside chef Steve DiFillippo of Davio’s in Boston. Since Steve is new to TNFL, here’s a chance to get to know more about him:

Q: What have you been up to following your football career? A: I have owned and operated a wholesale/retail sporting goods business for the last 18 years. We sell equipment and uniforms to colleges, high schools, and youth leagues in southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Q: Which NFL team did you grow up cheering for? A: The Kansas City Chiefs. I grew up about an hour south of Kansas City. Q: Which teams have a shot at making it to the Super Bowl this year? A: There are too many to say right now. If I had to pick, I would say Atlanta and New England. Q: After completing such a successful career as a QB, do you have a favorite current NFL QB? A: Tom Brady of course. Q: Which rookie QB has impressed you the most this season? A: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have both been impressive. Q: Can you think of a significant way the game has changed since you were in the NFL? A: There is a lot more passing now than when I played. Q: How did you get involved with Taste of the NFL? A: Gino Cappelletti had been doing it for years. He has decided to retire from it and recommended me. Q: What will you enjoy the most about being involved with Taste of the NFL? A: Since it is my first year, I am not sure yet. Helping the food banks is a good cause though and a good reason to be involved. Q: Why should fans attend Taste of the NFL in New Orleans this year? A: From what I’ve been told, there is lots of great food, former players, and it would really help the food banks in all the NFL cities.

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