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Chef Spotlight Nancy Longo, Pierpoint Restaurant, Baltimore Ravens

Chef Nancy Longo of Pierpoint Restaurant, entering her 16th year as chef representative for the Baltimore Ravens, is definitely one of Taste of the NFL’s most valuable players. Beyond her longtime participation in the annual Party With a Purpose,® Nancy has been an avid supporter and fundraiser for the Kick Hunger Challenge, Taste of the NFL’s online campaign where NFL fans raise additional dollars for the food banks in their community. Last year, Nancy helped to raise more than $13,600 which went to the Maryland Food Bank. We are so proud to have her on our team!

Q: Is there a favorite location you have had over the years?

A: New Orleans, of course.

Q: How did you get involved initially/What made you decide to participate?

A: The Taste of the NFL team had been asking around in the restaurant community for recommendations on a charitable chef who made great Maryland crab cakes and was told I'd probably be the right local chef! I had been involved with Our Daily Bread (Maryland’s Hot Meal Program), fundraisers and activity to raise awareness of the relevance of the Chesapeake Bay to all American Chefs, as well as other food related charities for kids This was definitely something I wanted to be paired with and support. Plus it helped that my dad was a pro boxer and had raised me to be a sports fanatic!

Q: Why should people attend Taste of the NFL?

A: Because it does so much for so many. This event brings much-needed monies to food banks all across the United States allowing those who need food pantry items to be given so they don’t go hungry. It's really just that simple, you come and enjoy great food, entertainment, and sports talent and we give the money to help so many. And the entertainment is always awesome. What a great idea! That’s why it’s been around so many years now!

Q: What are you looking forward to about New Orleans?

A: Well first, it’s like my second home, I have lots of friends there. Secondly, I get to see my TNFL family. Most of all I get to be part of another year of helping raise money to help food banks all over the country so it’s a very gratifying feeling to be part of this. And well maybe a bowl of gumbo or two.

Q: Any ideas on what you will make this year in New Orleans?

A: Lemongrass Oyster Stew with Tamarind Chili Maryland Crab Dumpling.

Q: Are there other activities you are involved with in your hometown related to the hunger cause?

A: In addition to Our Daily Bread, I have supported the American Institute of Wine & Food Days of Taste (a discovery-based program for 4th and 5th grade children to learn about food and how it weaves its way through daily life from the farm to the table). In my own restaurant, I offer kids classes, where underprivileged kids are sponsored to come learn better eating habits and cooking .

Q: Any predictions on how your Baltimore Ravens will do?

A: I better not say, I might jinx it, but those who know me will say they've seen my Raven’s voo doo doll.

These pictures show Chef Nancy Longo, who always has one of the most creative chef stations at The Party with a Purpose®.

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