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Our Chefs

Chef Mark Haugen
Culinary Director
Beau MacMillan
Arizona Cardinals
Kevin Rathbun
Atlanta Falcons
Chef Nancy Longo
Baltimore Ravens
Chef Brad Rowell
Buffalo Bills
Blake Hartwick
Carolina Panthers
Chef Nahabedian
Chicago Bears
Michelle Brown
Cincinnati Bengals
Chef Rocco Whalen
Cleveland Browns
Chef Kent Rathbun
Dallas Cowboys
Chef Troy Guard
Denver Broncos
Chef Bryan Hartway
Detroit Lions
Chef Jusin Aprahamian
Green Bay Packers
Chef Robert Del Grande
Houston Texans
Chef Elliot Kelly
Houston Texans
Chef Craig Baker
Indianapolis Colts
Chef Tyler Herald
Indianapolis Colts
Chef Louis Kurz
Jacksonville Jaguars
Chef Michael Smith
Kansas City Chiefs
Chef David LeFevre
Los Angeles Chargers
Chef Steve Samson
Los Angeles Rams
Allen Susser
Miami Dolphins
Chef Thomas Boemer
Minnesota Vikings
Chef Steve DiFillippo
New England Patriots
New England Patriots
Chef Isaac Toups
New Orleans Saints
Chef Brenton Lee
New York Giants
Chef Taku Sato
New York Jets
Chef Tanya Holland
Oakland Raiders
Chef Jack McDavid
Philadelphia Eagles
Chef Scott Walton
Pittsburgh Steelers
Chef Parke Ulrich
San Francisco 49ers
Chef John Howie
Seattle Seahawks
Chef Tyson Grant
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Chef Deb Paquette
Tennessee Titans
Chef Jeff Tunks
Washington Redskins
Chef Mike Hawks
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Chef Demetrio Zavala
Undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins
Chef Eric Gephart
Verlasso Salmon
Mauro Joey
Cake Boss- Carlo's Bakery
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